The pros and cons of using a latex mattress – A buyer’s guide to make the right decision on buying a latex mattress

Every mattress buyer should know the pros and cons of the mattress before buying it. In order to learn this, one can visit a mattress sale Houston.Especially when it comes to latex mattresses a detail study is required as there are several types of latex mattress.

But to make things simpler, here are some of the pros and cons of latex mattress

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Pros of latex mattress

  1. Comfort – Latex has a natural springing property. Therefore, as a person sits on the mattress, he feels a buoyant effect without a bounce back. This is very comfortable as compared to memory foam mattress. This property also makes it easier to navigate across the latex mattress.
  2. Pain relief –Latex mattresses are soft to feel, but firm to the back. This is because of the cushioning property of the latex. Firmness is the tool to select the mattress for pain relief. Some misinterpret hardness as firmness. Firmness is the strength of the mattress. How far it can absorb the pressure of the human body without bouncing back. One should visit a mattress sale Houstonto decide on the firmness of the latex mattress
  3. Completely natural – As latex is made from rubber sap, latex mattresses are 100% natural.
  4. A latex mattress supports proper backbone alignment
  5. It is resistant to mites and bugs
  6. It is highly durable
  7. It offers excellent air circulation because of the open cell structure of latex.


  1. Weight – A latex mattress is very heavy. This is because, they are made of many layers of high-density latex from the rubber tree. This makes the mattress heavy. Therefore, it is difficult to flip. Therefore, one should always avoid flappable type in latex mattress. To check on the weight of the latex mattress, one can visit a mattress saleHouston.
  2. Cost – Latex mattresses are expensive than the spring coil mattress and memory foam mattress. However, this is applicable only to 100% natural mattress. There is mixed latex mattress available as well which has 50% latex but still called as latex mattress mainly due to the similarities in their properties. A high-end memory foam or a spring mattress might be expensive than the latex mattress. A mattress sale Houstonusually gives a clear idea about specific prices.